Creative Producer

Dan is a seasoned honcho who can dish out a karate chop like it's nobody's business. He fearlessly leads his team to victory in the most thrilling of creative adventures, even in the midst of the toughest challenges.


Creative Producer

Vojta is a man on the move. Whether it's shaking his booty in front of massive speakers, throwing punches & kicks in a ring, or scaling a wall in a climbing gym – you can always expect an adventure with this guy! And he is usually responsible for the technical aspects of production.


Assistant Producer

Dominik will do whatever it takes to make the job done. When he’s not shooting photos or growing shrooms he is responsible for location research and human coordination at the events.


Camilla is the top bird of the sarcastic sage of sound, and the sassy feathered fiend.


Chaos Perpetrator

Nobody, just move on.